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I pursue the project since 2004. As a studio my flat and my computer serves me since well. Floating by the early wish to produce "Industrialmusic" with a volume, I collected more and more music software and experimented with the most different programs, until I have found in FruityLoops a sampler software which I use to compose and produce till this day my songs. My music originates primarily in the computer what has not still allowed live appearances for me up to now. But I work on it.

Occupying a certain time rather with experiments, my own style formed bit by bit which I would integrate in the area of Dark-Electronic-Music mostly known as Gothic, Darkwave, Industrial. There were the first results of that to hear in 2004 on a demo CD under the project name "PsychoGod". I dissolved the project again because I liked the name anyhow not really and I wanted to have a little bit what owns more draught and what one can think about. Accordingly I altered the name in "Abbadona".

Band Members & Instruments:
Kai Devin [Vocals, Composing, Programming, Sampling, Art-Design]

Alexandre P.Cegalla [Guitars, Synth, Composing, Programming, Vocs]

Stahltraene (S.C.Inc) [Synths + Saures, Composing, Programming]

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Influenced by:
Suicide Commando, Kraftwerk, Dive, Klinik, Wumpscut, Project Pitchfork, yelworC, Frontline Assembly, Skinny Puppy, Aphex Twin, Autechre, Gus Gus, Leftfield, Die Form, Leather Strip, Delerium, Ministry, Nine Inch Nails, Marilyn Manson, Rammstein, Calva y Na

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany

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Am i neededAm i needed (4:08)
One Minute DEMO2008One Minute DEMO2008 (5:34)