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Buy Best PCIe Sound Card for 150€

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Buy Best PCIe Sound Card for 150€ 02/27/2018, 01:01 PM
Hi there!

I’m starting to record my deep house music mixes and I wanted to have the best quality possible while recording (with little noise as possible).

I know that the cables have to be good, but for now, I’m working with the MB embeded sound card which and, most of the times, my recordings have this background noise, that can be clearly heard when the music or sound fades.

Can you help me choose a good sound card? With a nice cost / performance ratio?

My Budget is 150€ and it will only be used for recording, not playing.

For now I’m living in Portugal and I would like to buy a card from a Portuguese retailer so that i can claim warranty if anything goes wrong.

I’ve already searched in this website (leave the link below) that seems to gather some stores offers, and the results are what I think fits best.

If you have any other suggestions or recommendations please advise.

Thank you.

My Selection: agina=1&q=Som+-+&query=[[%2252%22,%22296%22]]&precoMaximo=150&precoMinimo=100&orderPreco=+preco+DESC

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