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Invisible Pilgrim was formed after an halucinatory journey beyond the shores of imagination.
In the early '70's, The Pilgrim began emulating tape-loop pioneers Brian Eno and Robert Fripp, in Eugene Oregon's emerging underground electronic music scene.
Realizing he was very late, The Pilgrim began recording with a myriad of equipment and sounds from the edge of reality.
The end result is over 175 hours of music, ranging from the sublime and soothing, to frightening soundscapes, designed to enlighten, and amaze your ever-expanding inner eyes.
The Invisible Pilgrim records, edits, mixes, and formats all of this music at The ShadowLand Factory, with guest appearances noted wherever possible.

Band Members & Instruments:
M.R.McDermitt, all instruments, vocals.
Modified Yamaha recorders, Digitech effects, Ibanez guitars, Peavey guitars, modified Aria Pro guitars
Ludwig drums, Tama drums, Korg Poly 61-M, Arp keyboards,
Fender pickups
EMG pickupd<

Similar Artists:
Tangerine Dream, Tool, Jean Michel Jarre,

Influenced by:
Bowie, Morrison, Jean Luc Ponty, David Gilmore, Syd Barrett, Hendrix, Nick Mason, Seger, Nugent, B.B. King, John Kay, Roger Waters, Donovan, Screaming Lord Such, Captian Beefheart, Black Sabbath, Yes, Lou Reed, Iggy Pop, Brian Eno, Robert Fripp, John Cage,


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