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ich kann es nicht verstehen und weiss warum...

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Kowalski at Archer Research Station

Heavily-bulky Industrial-Electro(nica) by Swiss artist ARCHER. Could satisfy both, purists as well as open-minded fans, because once more he succeeds in experiencing the borders of style and at the same time keeps the connection to genre-traditions - something that is to be seen as a kind of trademark, indeed. Just check out his extensive output to convince yourselves. Tip!

Kowalski at Archer Research Station

to the dead ( defect rmx )
Disturbing Electronica-Breakbeat in APHEX TWIN style. Really good, as ARCHER knows about intelligent, unconventional tensions and variations of his arsenal. And so he created a monstrous, dark burner of a creaking, cold Electro-bastard, that scratches and bites and simply hits where it hurts. Brilliant.

Kowalski at Archer Research Station

if6was9 (or9was6)
Yie-ha! "If6was9 (or9was6)" takes no prisoners. Stomping, distorted DJ RUSH meets CARI LEKEBUSCH - digital steel with a rough & dark Industrial flair. Establishment with one good foot inside Hardcore, the complex beat and sound thunderstorms however do not drift into well knwon embarrassments. This is some real robot twist - check it out!