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Here is a list of all BeSonic USA Hard Rock artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.

Hard Rock
Bumblefoot (aka Ron Thal) is a recording artist and international touring artist from NYC with seven albums released since 1995. Fronting the band as lead singer/guitarist, the music is hard rock, bordering on quirky...

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sinner to saints
Alternative Metal

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A Thousand Shades Of Cold
New Metal
The original band was born in October of 2004 and consisted of five members including Jake, Juan and Zach. During the early stages of the band there had been many lineup changes but the creative core stayed intact,...

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Huntington Majors
The N.Y.P.D. of rock guitarists.

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The Lost Jedi
Hard Rock
I've been a Singer/Songwriter since 2001. I was originally known as In Question, but recently had to change my name to The Lost Jedi. My music is my amygdala.

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Hard Rock
Hello My name is Robert Whelan.. I've posted two songs that I recorded with my former band DEBRIS. These songs were recorded in 2000. I decided to Post them because I'm itching to get back in a band and on stage....

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