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Earth Songs - New Album by Tetsuroh...
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Earth Songs - New Album by Tetsuroh Konishi
JH_BeSonic 06/07/2006

Earth Songs - New Album by Tetsuroh Konishi

These tranquille Earth Songs unfold in your mind like a universal tongue, talking to your soul. You just lean back, close your eyes and listen..

Tetsuroh Konishi from Saitama in Japan has been with BeSonic for years and enriched the platform with his great music. His music continues to be an inspiration as it combines a vast range of music influences, which are mixed with Japanese tradition.

Tetsuroh Konishi started out playing the trumpet from an early age and has been into music as well as involved with diverse music projects in Japan and beyond, eversince.

The multi-instrumentalist is known for delivering exquisite music compositions from traditional Asian to modern Industrial with the scent of Japanese cherry blossom. His influences range from Ambient and Easy Listening to Asian/World Music, Industrial/Minimalist and Jazz.

So, here comes his next music chapter, after Tetsuroh Konishi released his last album Hope (2002), which was dedicated to world peace. His new album Earth Songs is much more pensive. It unravels like a long lost soulmate, right in front of us. It’s his first collection of 10 timelessly floating solo works on trumpet (Flugelhorn), solely accompanied by athmospheric soundscapes from his Korg synthesizers.

Earth Songs is the latest journey of the man, who makes you revisit the seemingly endless age of the earth and its elements, the wind, the sky, the sea, as well as somewhat sad events, which may have moved his soul like the “Nami Wave” or “The Father Went To Heaven”. In turn he won’t forget to pad the listener with elative moments like “Early Morning”, “Flower Song” or “Endless Sea Of Tranquility”, which return you to warm and more positive spheres.

The overall feel of the album is stillness, timelessness and warmth. Beautiful..

During live shows for “Earth Songs”Tetsuroh Konishi (on Flugelhorn) is supported by a female Japanese dancer, adding to the earthy athmosphere of the album collection.

Tetsuroh Konishi will be in the Frankfurt area of Southern Germany between September and November 2006 and is looking for opportunities to perform his solo works over here in an appropriate venue. Any feedback or serious booking offers should be made through our International Editorial (

Earth Songs
was just released on his own label Bird Sound Records and can be obtained through Tetsuroh Konishi himself.

Earth Songs Tracklisting:
(Flugelhorn Solo Works)

1. Early Morning
2. “Nami” Wave
3. Flower Song
4. The Father Went To Heaven
5. Blue Statue
6. Endless Sea of Tranquility
7. Nachi no taki (Nachi water fall)
8. Atmosphere
9. Butterfly
10. Harukaze

Official Website of Tetsuroh Konishi:

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