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2 Restless
In The Beginning
Something you said...
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Cruise Zone
Niko Te Lurc
dimm derimm
6 Riad Michael
Abaro (Mix II)
7 MikeeGarros
E-lectro needs E-Gitarre
8 MikeeGarros
Electro needs-Vocal...
Niko Te Lurc
Raumtraum - spacedream
Sabrina Pena Young
Looking Glass
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Here is, where you get the latest news from the BeSonic world. Competitions, events, contests and internal info. It is all in here!

aSpring chicken and old hands
Spring chicken and old hands
Here we start again to feature our BeSonic artists, you will get short portraits and we introduce new artists on our site.
You've got a new album, a special track with a great story around it? Then we are excited to hear about this fact, send us a short message, where you write who you are, what your influence come from, what you are doing and why we should write a short article especially about you and your music.
We also look on our site what is interesting to us and what we like.
Send your message, story, links at my profile to get featured and get a short interview.
Cordula BeSonic Scout

aBeSonic Artist KINGROW from down under
BeSonic Artist KINGROW from down under
Music from the end of the world, New Zealand. On there own little independent label you can discover music from Kingrow and other artists that they feature there.
There own special style between Pop, Synth and Techno is it worth to listen. There latest album is from 2007 a mix between all this music styles. The newest track is LOST from 2012. To this one you can listen here on BeSonic, it is a real good jungle track with an open end.
The two heads behind Kingrow are Duckman and Weasel, on their website you also could see that those two guys are involved in M.O.S. films and Ducksel Comedy. So take a view, listen and so on on there website, here on BeSonic and wherever you find those two guys.
Kingrow on BeSonic
Kingrow Website