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Introducing Miami’s newest rap duo Slo-V & Retro who are ready to take Miami up a notch by incorporating their Miami rooted talent with a respect drawn from past influences from such artists as Nas, Busta Rhymes and Method Man. Slow V and Retro truly respect the lyrics and hip hop talent of 90’s and at the same time are current and love hot beats that keeps a crowd moving and having fun.

Slo-V& Retro are childhood friends and respected each other’s talents since elementary school. Slo-V is Haitian and Retro is Dominican and not only do they share the same island as their homeland but they also draw their experiences from their foundation of working class families with creative cultural traditions that are deep rooted from many generations. Retro expresses, “This is what Miami is all about, a blend of island traditions, music and cultures within the traditional American working class culture-this is kind of what the philosophy is about in our music.”

The Miami urban music scene is known internationally for Latin music artists like Gloria Estefan, Ricky Martin, and top urban artists like Rick Ross, Trick Daddy and Trina. Slo-V & Retro respect those artists however they plan to make an indelible mark within the music scene for being a hip hop group with profound lyrics and messages that will get people thinking. As Slo-V explains it, “We are from Miami and we love party records and we make party records yet our goal is to create music with messages for the working class, the real people that are hit hard just trying to make rent.”

Slo-V & Retro write, produce, rhyme, arrange and mix all of their own music. They are a self-contained group that has been working together for years. Retro produces music for local talent when they are not making music for themselves. He is known and respected in the Cutler Ridge area of Miami as he’s been making beats for years. Now it is there time to be launched into the marketplace with their music

Slo-V & Retro feel the pain and frustrations of everyday people just trying to get by in life and express that in their music. So don’t let the first single, “Miami Stripper” fool you as it’s their introduction to get everyone’s attention. The track is meant to get fans of all likes hooked. The purpose behind the song is in reality a play on the hustler theme in today’s hip-hop music. It’s taking a look at the working class hustler, and who hustles harder for their money than a Miami Stripper?

They are currently working on their forthcoming release which is yet to be titled. “Miami Stripper” will be hitting the streets and strip clubs by early April.

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Miami StripperMiami Stripper (4:34)