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All in all, if Stiilbird had lived in the stormy days of the horse drawn cart, he would have revelled in the reasons of life and traveled far beyond the fields of poppies, riding on the back of a wild familiar dappled horse, writing novels in soliloquy while metering the road’s between his meals, and lovers.

Today Stiilbird uses rhyme, rhythm, voice and song to convey an undeniable bond between music, it’s mystery and man. Observing and absorbing the creative plights of all life on earth, to then, with the fervour and intensity of a hawk, swoop to awaken and inspire the very essence of existence.

Plenty o’ reasons to get your revelling global heart off the track and giveaway your reflection to the river running deep within the freedom of this moment of a dream.

Band Members & Instruments:
Steve Watts, Dulcimers, Bass, Guitars, Keyboards, Harmonicas

Similar Artists:
Roy Harper, Neil Young, David Bowie, Bob Dylan

Influenced by:
Floyed, Rose, Jansch, Young, Gabriel, Walker

Origin: Europe - United Kingdom United Kingdom


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Rivers Run DeepRivers Run Deep (3:14)
Sweet Summer RainSweet Summer Rain (3:17)
FamiliarFamiliar (3:21)

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