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It`s the "one-man-army" MOODSTARRR PRODUCTIONS from Germany.
Teaming up with some of the most promising underground MC`s from all over Germany, Moodstarrr Productions is well known for bringing on-point productions and heat into songs. Make sure to check the player above + catch more music, free album downloads & instrumentals @

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany


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Moodstarrr - Stille RevolutionMoodstarrr - Stille Revolution (3:47)
Nanita Noir - Partymädchen (prod by Moodstarrr)Nanita Noir - Partymädchen (prod by Moodstarrr) (3:56)
Nanita Noir - Unendlichkeit (produced by Moodstarrr)Nanita Noir - Unendlichkeit (produced by Moodstarrr) (4:08)
Moodstarrr - In dunklen Naechten (produced by Moodstarrr)Moodstarrr - In dunklen Naechten (produced by Moodstarrr) (3:56)
Gohmeranch Allstars - Sixpack (produced by Moodstarrr)Gohmeranch Allstars - Sixpack (produced by Moodstarrr) Video (7:42)

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