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mh_BeSonic 12/14/2007

Song feature

Does anyone remember the style-defining Austrian 90s-Electronic-Dub-Heroes KRUDER & DORFMEISTER? Anyone remember these times when atmospheric, deepest Downbeat with heavily stoned Dub - as "bon ton" - was a synonym for good, because "right", aware and exquisite taste? At this point of intersection Riad Michael aka GEYSER connects with "Rasta": here you`ll find just about everything, what makes this specific sound significant: deep, swirling, spliffy Dub-flair keeping the air to cut thick, interacting with spherical, dreamy pads and playful synth-spots of color. The VERY huge subbass in the solar plexus GEYSER held back, but with "Rasta" he really created - perhaps because of that - a round, consistent tune, indeed, which places the value more on musical, internal consistency than raw power. "Typical" K & D - sound proves the honor. Full points to Cologne/Germany. Mi waan bruck out to sum Dub tonight!

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