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1 Klaus Felchner
Little wild creek
mh_BeSonic 03/04/2008

Song feature
14 hour man

".. Instead of hyper-intellectual sound collages Captain Zorx Stimmungsattacke play quite danceable crossover music in the truest sense of the word. So, there may follow a cool 80s Hip Hop tune on a Gospel track performed with heart`s blood, chilling Reggae explodes in a Heavy Metal onslaught.” - The fact that this self-description of this shameless, unscrupulously crazy bunch of German anarchists with the award-worthy band title CAPTAIN ZORX STIMMUNGSATTACKE (which means as much as CAPTAIN ZORX MOODATTACK in German) is not only entirely true, but indeed almost understated, is clearly reflected with their "14 Hour Man": a moronic Raggae/Ska-party-porn of the KNORKATOR / JBO kind, not even being stingy with trashy Punk/Metal-elements and mainly textual definitely soaring some eyebrows up. CAPTAIN ZORX STIMMUNGSATTACKE are certainly not everyone's cup of tea (though they obviously stick at nothing and put just about anybodies style of music through the mangle).. but bravely contributing their share to the ultimate destruction of any seriousness in the music biz. Cheers!

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