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From the inside out and back: Pop as a huge, pathetic act of suffering with the weight of the world on the shoulders without breaking down.Pathos is no sleeve here, no cheesy hipster-attitude, no image, but direct means of transport. What SUEDE, MUSE and COLDPLAY in their greatest moments already constituted and shot us straight into our hearts, the WINDUPDEADs celebrate in an equally moving, as charming way without reduction or minimalism: the sound of the WINDUPDEADs is huge, without breaking out - glamourous, but completely unpretentiously - pathetic, without getting over the top. With an unbelievably safe feeling for beautiful melodies and lyrics that leave you absolutely stunning,"Options" takes you where it hurts from the beginning and demonstrates impressively that it is still possible today, to create great popsongs with a substance to last. Awesome!