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1 Niko Te Lurc
dimm derimm
2 Niko Te Lurc
Raumtraum - spacedream
3 Kazai
Sour Ingredient
4 Tobias Koeppel
Do It
stycal mash 2014
Ocean Fly TranceMix 09
6 Sabrina Pena Young
Looking Glass
7 AnnaAliena
Cat among the Dogs
8 Tragedy Divine
Forever Lost
9 Heathward
Everybody Here Now
Liquid Rock
Sunday morning rap
Bright Sign is a small, private studioprojekt, wich has just started up. We are 4 people with quite different roots of music, who put their creativity together and try to make the sounds in their minds listenable.
The tracks uploaded here right now are the first results of experimenting on our mc 808. (We prefer learning by doing, exept reading manuals...). What´s about to come? I don´t know, but I guess there will be a much bigger range of music styles.
Greetz pepparocks (Bright Sign)

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Bright Sign

The head of the mushroomThe head of the mushroom (78:03)
Es gibt kein EntweichenEs gibt kein Entweichen (6:17)
A´dam NightsA´dam Nights (6:14)
ButterflyButterfly (8:36)
Boom Ba SaBoom Ba Sa (5:47)