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Jetzt gehts rund...

Nach einigen mehr oder weniger erfolgreichen Band und Musik Projekten (Plain Colour, Suckseed, ...), entschlossen sich die beiden Musiker zu 2. einige Songs auf die Beine zu stellen. Im Sommer 2007 wurde "in case it rains..." gegründet.

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Influenced by: Alice in Chains, Filter, Tool, Dredge, Faith no more, Led Zeppelin, Incubus, Megadeth, Metallica, Porcupine Tree, Dave Mathews, a Perfect Circle, Disturbed, Sevendust, the Mars Volta,


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in case it rains

Cologne/Germany with it's cream o' the crop in Alternative Rock: "Recall" comes down to business as a tricky SOUNDGARDEN-Groover without beating around the bush. The perfectly, diversified production and - above all - it`s powerful intensity convinces in the first round - and again emphasizes the playing-, as well as the composition-skills of these two class artist. This is how it has to be done - balls to the wall!

in case it rains

drama to the end
The dynamic duo from Cologne/Germany with their latest tune. And just like "Sense", "Drama to the end" comes up with such a rounded, harmonious and powerful intensity, which simply could not be more captivating. From the composition, to the instrumentation, to the lyrics ( "Lovin` you was the hell, but I `d burn once again .." - how cool is that one, please?) one probably heard rarely Neo-Grunge-Alternative-Rock between ALICE IN CHAINS, TOOL and INCUBUS without frills, consistent, powerful and mature - certainly not by a German band. We can only hope that the boys come up in the world - in the light of these capabilities, this potential one shouldn`t have no qualms about that, indeed.

in case it rains

Actually, one should blankly frown when their profile on BeSonic says: "After some more or less successful band and music projects… the two musicians decided to mount some songs two-by-two ". This may already after the first hearing passage be only pure understatement or real bad luck. The multi-instrumentalist Oli, who plays just all(!) by himself, along with singer Toni come up that overwhelming, powerful, passionate and authentic, that one wonders why these two musicians do not belong "at the top" in their profession, yet? Seriously: IN CASE IT RAINS easily blow away - at least in the local alternative rock area - most of the rest, simple as that. In the spectrum between TOOL, DEATH FROM ABOVE 1979 and INCUBUS they demonstrate how it is done (also thanks to a highly transparent and tight production) with full heart and soul. Alarmingly good!