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We all met somewhen in the 70ies, some handfull of boys encountering the high time of "luvnpeace" aera, and for sure each of us loved the extreme enforcement and surprising variety of the international manifesting underground music sector then. We`d had sessions with hundreds of amateur musicians over the time, but weren`t yet into founding a band then.

Tom has been playing the guitar since his early youth. In the duration he had too much influences and inspirations to count them here - thus, soon he succeeded finding his very own, unique style...
Some of his all-time-favorites were and are Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Deep Purple, King Crimson, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac and all the like, to even modern funky and jazzy elements.

Waldemar felt mostly inspired by psychedelic underground and spacerock as Hawkwind, Velvet Underground, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, to name just a few. He deepened his musical experience in using everything suitable for making sound, finally being not just the technical basic sound sculptor of the band but doing all the video and cg animation work as well.

Bernd lived in India for a while, encountering the old way of ethnic percussion music. He even stayed with Babaji Ashram for a while, which influenced him playing the percussion or the bass in a meditative, somehow trancy and sometimes minimalistic style. He is the one to record all of our stuff into PC and making the first takes and premixes.

In the early 80ies we decided time to be ripe for us founding our own indie rockband "Soviet Sex", influenced by the rudimental punkwave and the early forming grunge and puristic metal styles.

We lost contact for more than one and a half decades because of job, families and all that time ripping circumstances. Tom and Waldemar had a project in the late 90ies, "Solar Traveller", rock - oriented, sometimes psychedelic clubsound with event-dependant varying members like saxophonists, keyboarders, bassists, female singers.

Meeting again then we spontaneously promised each other not to lose contact again. When we 3 had our first jam session after so many years we agreed in having had the same old fun than with our very first contact. This was the namegiving for our new bandproject. And, of course, as we all are somehow into SciFi, hoping mankind to have a real first contact to alien intelligence someday...

Band Members & Instruments:
Thomas Langer - git/bass/keybd/voc

Bernd Hahn - bass/perc/sfx/rec

Waldemar Barkowski - git/keybd/bass/voc/lyrics/sfx/av worx

Influenced by:
Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Velvet Underground, Hawkwind, King Crimson, Yes, Van Der Graaf Generator, Genesis, Fleetwood Mac, Ashra, Tangerine Dream, Simple Minds, U2, Yello, Frank Zappa, Modern Ambient and House Sound, Chilling Tracks

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany - Düsseldorf


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1st Contact

Strange LightsStrange Lights (5:17)
Virgin WorldVirgin World (8:24)
Limit ZeroLimit Zero (13:59)
Orient ExpressOrient Express (5:25)
Ferry To NowhereFerry To Nowhere (3:44)