ARAHAT was a soloproject that took of in the fall of 2007. After having played in some local bands in Jonkoping (Sweden) - Thomas felt compelled to express himself musically on his own. The music that came out of this pursuit was a way to express emotions and thoughts about life, the future and the human condition. Later on Joey (Patrick) helped out, who by chance caught Thomas interest here on besonic. They began collaborating by sending eachother songs on the webb, they have never met in real life.

From the beginning it was an atempt to find their own expression and language, a probing into themselves to try to find a recurring pattern that could be expressed in sound. Some of the songs explore different aspects of their own selves, that has come and gone. They encapsulate a certain will or feeling that has occupied them for a time. The album has been an attempt to both understand and explore different sides of themselves.

ARAHAT has an artist page on myspece, here you can see some of the artwork for a future album.

ARAHAT is an exploring project where you are invited to partake with an open mind, no matter where you are from, what you believe or hold true, just listen with your ears open.

Thanks for all support

Band Members & Instruments:
Patrich Koch - guitar, base, programming, synth
Thomas Henriksson - Vocals, synth, guitar

Influenced by: Metal and experimental music, life, other people, thought, change, the chaos within, light and darkness, perspectives.