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Born in Meissen, Germany, Alec Raw started his career in 1996 by the age of 17 years as the techno scene was getting more known and popular in Germany . Influenced on the umpteen Rave Events he visited and the enjoyment people had on these parties he came to the electronic music. Attired in the new lifestyle and the new way of thinking and living in these days he began to teach himself mixing and dj technics mostly inspired of the legendary dj heros at that time.
At the same time with his work at the recordstore Crazy Tunes, the store were for example Timo Maas bought his records. In 1999 he started deejaing. Since then he performed on several gigs and big events, illegal warehouse parties and techno parades with famous artist like Terence Parker, Timo Maas, DJ Shog or the Superstar DJ Team. At his time as his residency in Dorian Club, Germany he found out more and more his affectation to the housemusic and its outgoing soul. He changed his sound and since these days he is playing housemusic. Furthermore he wanted to realize his own musically ideas and conceptions so he started producing. In 2004 he sent one of his first trackz to the widly known german dance label Superstar Recordings and got his first compliment on the way he is producing house music. Really chuffed at this good resonance from Frank Klein, A&R Superstar Records he continued his work and got more and more involved in the producing thing.
In 2006 he got in contact with the American label Art of Doing Publishing Inc., Miami.
At the beginning of this year Art of Doing published his current album titles “Raw Sessionz”. It is sold in about 20 countries and is available in different digital majorstores like I-Tunes, Real/Rhapsody and Sony Connect.

Now we are waiting in suspense for his new house album which will be published after summer, so came back for more!
Ceck out the links in “my blog” for the I-Mixes @ I-Tunes Europe.

Band Members & Instruments:
Synth, Sampler and Fx

Influenced by:
Erick Morillo, Snap, Atari Teenage Riot....

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany


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MatineeMatinee (7:30)
it goes onit goes on (5:12)
barracudabarracuda (6:30)