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......was born in a small city in southern Germany called Ingolstadt October 10, 1980. I took some lessons on the piano but soon realised that it's a lot more fun developping my own tunes. Thus the first classical compositions were formed. They were not worldshaking for sure but nice for an 13 year old.
One year later I could afford a Korg X3-Workstation. Yes! I was a producer! :) My first try was a remix of the main theme of a well-known German soap - "Lindenstrasse". 2 more years and I ended up with another tool: The acoustic Guitar. And again I just played around for hours and didn´t know anything about the chords I grabed, but I became more and more a Pop-Songwriter and decided for writing not only to impress the girls, but becoming a professional musician. I started delivering newspapers, working in supermarkets and so on for somehow get a little project studio paid. Many many years and some choir-lessons later, the songs got hearable as a whole and I started playing around with some friends - it ended up in musical chaos. So I decided to record the songs on my own and to improve my skills as a songwriter by hearing lectures about harmonics at the university of Passau. During that time I recorded the demo album "From Now On" and sent it to some record companies..but the answers weren´t as overwhelming as I expected them to be. So I made a musical break and started studying Physics in Munich/Germany and later in Adelaide/South Australia. After my return back home in Germany I started writing again and recorded my second album "We have Sold The Sun", which became rather popular on some independent music sites. At the moment I deal with the "Pacific Blue"-Album. You can hear some tracks out of it on the songs-page. I also plan to assort a live set in the near future.

Band Members & Instruments:
Piano/Guitar/vocals: me

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Supertramp, Roger Hodgson, Foreignerl, Duran Duran, Elton John

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Origin: Europe - Germany Germany - Munich

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