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Yet another rock band?

No, not this time.

CorleeMad is a sublime combination of hard-driving rock, sensual ballads and powerful live performance. You'll know within a few seconds of hearing the first track, this is not just another rock band.

Frontperson, Cora Lee, delivers provocative lyrics in a powerful, colorful and sexy style all her own. Her uniqueness suggests no influences at all, but her technical proficiency convinces the listener that this is one singer who has been doing this for a long, long time. It's rare you find a woman that can deliver with the strength of the best of the men. Cora Lee is the kind of “secret weapon” other bands wish they had.

Most songs are written by guitarist Alex Mann and Cora Lee, though the entire band contributes to arrangements. This combination of different styles, sounds and musical backgrounds really sets this band apart. But make no mistake: CorleeMad is all about rock and roll.

Ballads with beautiful melodies, pierced by outstanding guitar solos that remind you this is pure rock. Bass and drums provide the solid, stomach-punching foundation. This is one groove that gets in your ears and your body.

In times when you’re overloaded by “routine” pop bands, CorleeMad presents inspiring music, not just for your ears, but also for your eyes.

Band Members & Instruments:
Cora Lee - voc
Alex Mann - git
Daniel Peters - bass
Michael Wofleben - drums

Similar Artists:
Pink, Avril Lavigne, No Doubt, Madonna, 4non Blondes, Christina Stürmer

Influenced by:
Pink, Mel C

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany


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