Curt Hart (0)

Curt Hart is a musician and producer from the Omaha, Nebraska area. His musical career began at the age of eight when he taught himself how to play guitar. At this age, Curt would look for any reason to bring his guitar to school to play for his classmates. He would also often be found drawing pictures of the fretboard so he could "practice" when his guitar was not with him. In junior-high and high-school, Curt began singing in choir and soon was in the "elite" choir group of the school. The first time Curt performed his own material in front of a real audience was due to the opportunity of being in that choir. His choir instructor allowed him to play his guitar and sing a song during one of the choir/band concerts for the school. The song was titled "2 White Doves" and he received a standing ovation. This moment in history would solidify Curt's ambition towards music in his life.

From the time he was thirteen until very recently, Curt has been in a number of bands. Doing anything from playing guitar, singing lead and/or backup vocals, and filling in on bass guitar to producing, arranging, recording, mixing, and editing the music. He has taught himself in just about every aspect of what he does. And after being screwed over (for lack of a better term) by the last few band's he was in (including each band stealing a song to which he was majority owner of the music created), Curt decided to just do everything on his own. Over the past few years he has been researching and learning composition techniques for industrial/electronica style music and continues to research beat making techniques as well as any new information he can find about the production process.

Curt has a wide taste in music and does not limit himself to just one genre. However, his favorite genre's are in fact industrial and hard rock. I believe that the wide tastes/influences in music and Curt's uncanny ability to understand and know what sounds great will continue to enable him to make amazing and unique music for many years to come!


Influenced by: Nine Inch Nails, K.M.F.D.M., Riothead, Combichrist, Skinny Puppy, Depeche Mode, Tool, A Perfect Circle, Nirvana, Prodigy, Primus, Joy Division, Stabbing Westward