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Hey gang! If you would like to become immortal, just get in touch with yours untruly and we can mix each other into a hole in the electronic underground!

Datawhore: A Definition

"An operative or employee who is so low on the corporate rung he has to make a living by jacking in or interfacing, and experienced the result of personality automation. Nevertheless most lower-eschelon corporates at times need to interface with large information devices. Being jacked or -interfaces will have effects on the subjects psychology; after being jacked in more than 4 hours per day on average the interface or 'face' bleeds over in off-hours , causing employees to become dullwitted."

The DATAWHORE story begins in a humble log cabin where, the only child of feral accountants, our h(z?)ero was tethered to a 486 and so began a love affair with the possibilities of nervous systemic destruction. Chaos theory via cheaptech, over long nites of marriage-sacrifice mixing sessions led to numbers of frankly bizarre recordings.

An album, SURRENDERED TO MY FUNCTION, created with elusive sound poet Binda23, was about to be released when 9/11 deep-sixed it. Then came an American label run by a reborn Christian collective (I know!) that asked for an album, then decided they wanted a different album, so they ended up getting no album. Meanwhile the pile of aural puke continued to build into an unwieldy abomination and now is moored off the coast of this continuum awaiting freedom.

Today is the best day of my life because today I can share my music with you. Feel welcome and let me get into your soul, into your heart.

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I don't believe in having band members; they are expensive to maintain, and argue. I have a computer instead.

Influenced by:
the mystery, synchronicities, weirdness, life, aspirin

Origin: Europe


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