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DimiTrios V

Dauer Welle
With his "Schmutz Welle", German producer DIMITRIOS V from Hannover/Germany already scorded well on BeSonic, but with "Dauer Welle" he definitely takes the cake to date and delivers a real tight Electro-Tech-killer. Gently the track starts up and almost has a little too cheesy touch in the melody-buildup. But after about 2 minutes, the track gets on the run and should cause emergency situations to the peak on the floor. This is not for the kids on the couch…

DimiTrios V

Schmutz Welle
With "Schmutz Welle" DIMITRIOS V delivers a gloomy, reduced track, that pumps it`s way forward grimly and creakingly and with its synth -inserts even reminding of those bitter, notorious atmosphere of the 80s-STALLONE-flick "COBRA". Really succeeded!