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Growing up in the frozen tundra of Mpls./St.Paul gives one the opportunity to work their craft. Dug Deeply climbs out of the doldrums of ambiguity up the jagged rock face of the music industry and believes his precipice is unforseen. Why is this you may ask? Dug Deeply offers the listener a unique blend of ambient, uplifting, yet dark, hard hitting grooves with lyrics of the optimist telling you the glass is half empty. He has waged war against both conformity and uniformity. The self declaired, "assassin of the ordinary" would love to take you along for his journey. It's a "Sing it Deeply, and they will listen" kind of approach. Breaking through the shadows as a lead man for other bands Dug Deeply has come to cherish his role as a solo artist. He currently seeks a producer, a manager, and a label to help guide him as he in turn helps them to prosper through their efforts. And, in the third person, Dug Deeply implores you to get in touch and he thanks you for your time.

Band Members & Instruments:
All music written, preformed, and recorded by Dug Deeply.

Similar Artists:
not sure.

Influenced by:
Faith No More, Stone Temple Pilots, Radiohead, Alice In Chains, David Bowie, Moby, Fatboy Slim, The chemical brothers, Pharcyde, Chopin, Mozart, ect

Origin: North America - USA USA - Minnesota


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Dug Deeply

Yellow # 5Yellow # 5 (4:42)
Weapon In A JarWeapon In A Jar (3:38)
Feel Your SoulFeel Your Soul (4:14)
When I Do Fall DownWhen I Do Fall Down (4:30)
Walking All AloneWalking All Alone (4:03)

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