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Become a BeSonic-Scout

Pushing good music as a scout!

One of BeSonic’s special features is our scouting system, of which everybody can take a little editorial part. We offer the possibility to write about artists on our platform to push music forward and rate it good that way! Your self written contributions will find a place on the BeSonic starting page as well as in every genre related sub site plus the general recommendation section and each concerned artist homepage.

This is a scouting system one of a kind and not to be found on any other platform. It is an important tool for the living process of the BeSonic community. It makes a big difference, if you rate a song by giving it a certain amount of rating stars or to give it some feedback  via a few words.

You have the possibility to write about single songs as in song features. If you think an artist is great in his complexity of good music, you’ll be able to honour him through writing an artist feature.

To make this scouting system as best functional as possible, it needs as many good scouts as possible to give more live to your platform. The community is you, you are the community, but only if you get involved and communication between musiclovers can find place. We are looking for you, if you enjoy writing about music on BeSonic. You won’t need any certain precognition, it’s easier than you might expect. If you have any concerns of not being capable of it, just browse through the already existing  features and reviews. You’ll see it’s not about complicated music journalism , but first of all it is about pushing good music within the community!

Your contributions will be checked by the editorial and need to get approved by them for the platform. In case of questions or remarks that need to be made, we’ll contact you.
No need to be shy, step up!

To write features and reviews you need the scout status, which you can apply for by submitting the following info:

Just send us an extract of your writing!

-1 Artist Review of any BeSonic artist you like,
containing a spot on, interesting description as well as evaluation of an artist of your choice
(Please, no reviews about yourself!)


-3 Song-Features to any BeSonic song you like,
telling us in 2-3 sentences why we should listen to the song, you chose.

Find some examples online right here!
Send us yours to our BeSonic Support

Once we received your scout application we will consider you for the scout status and will inform you about the result!

Get going, all you music freaks! Thanks for your support!

Thank you for supporting BeSonic and pushing the artists!

Your BeSonic Editorial