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"Music is the medium that drives me strongly. It's like a lifetime journey and I'll never arrive…”, says singer, songwriter and music producer Eosin Nova, when asked about his passion for music.

Instead of being the product of lavish image design, Eosin Nova is a pure musician who goes the way to success. Influenced by the music of mostly British and Scandinavian bands and songwriters, Eosin Nova still creates a musical world of his own: profound lyrics while the songs have a classical simplicity and beauty, driven by endless passion and conviction. With his guitar, an enormous gift for song writing and his incredibly feeling and slightly raspy voice, Eosin Nova definitely ranks among one of the most important upcoming independent pop acts in Austria, Europe.

“There are a lot of bands and songwriters that have somehow affected my way of making music. Songwriters like Jeff Buckley, Nick Drake, Howie Day, David Gray, and bands such as Coldplay, The Verve, Tonic, Saybia or The Smiths have helped to form my personal music direction, so to speak. Every now and then one can hear those musical influences even in my own songs. Of course, it's not about plagiarism. It is more about artistic admiration and my way of paying tribute to all of those great singers, songwriters and musicians.”

Eosin Nova (aka Robert Weinzettl) was born on October 31st, 1980 in Graz, a small city located in southern Austria. He learns his craft at the fragile age of 14 discovering first hand the secrets and magic involved in playing the guitar. After turning 19, and finishing High School, Eosin Nova decides to turn his hobby into a professional business, by pursuing larger audiences and an expanded musical outlook. After eight months of military service he moves to Vienna and starts to study at the International SAE Technology College (School of Audio Engineering), the largest and most renowned audio/multimedia/film college worldwide.

While playing several gigs in small clubs and making his first steps acting as a music producer, Eosin finishes his Sound Certificate Course and his Audio Engineering Diploma successfully.

In June 2004 he moves to Byron Bay, Australia, and goes on with his study at the SAE Technology College Headquarters learning for a BA Honours Degree of Recording Arts conferred by Middlesex-University, London.

“The opportunity to go abroad and to finish my studies down in Australia was one of the best and most important things that have ever happened to me. Different people from all over the world, fellow students, lecturers, and pros from the music industry, had a great impact on my career progression. It was definitely an one-of-a-kind experience that had magically broaden my personal horizon… Both humanly, socially and of course occupationally.”

Back in Vienna in midsummer 2005, Eosin Nova enjoys having a couple of months off before he finally starts his own independent record label Eosin Nova Records (ENR).

“Well, sometimes people ask me about the true and deeper meaning of the name Eosin Nova. Eosin is basically a red dye. It is used in chemistry and got its name from Eos, the Greek goddess of dawn. For this reason, it is related to the color red and the awakening of a new day. However, Nova is, in the broadest sense, a star. Consequently, the meaning is somewhat poetic and metaphoric. Eosin Nova means the rising star.”

Band Members & Instruments:
Eosin Nova (Vocals, Piano, Acoustic Guitar, E-Bow)
Thomas Hechenberger (Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar)
Georg Beck (Drums)
Sandra Lawson (Bass)
Maximilian Schnutt (Programming)

Similar Artists:
Richard Ashcroft, Howie Day, Snow Patrol, James Blunt, Coldplay, Jeff Buckley, Rob Thomas, Starsailor

Influenced by:
Coldplay, Starsailor, Richard Ashcroft


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Eosin Nova

My Dear Swedish FairyMy Dear Swedish Fairy (4:33)
Calmative LightCalmative Light (3:34)

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