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Geordano Henriquez ‘s love for music began at a young age, when he remembers listening to old LPs of romantic classics from his mother’s music collection in his native country the Dominican Republic. His sound is a fresh melodic rock with Spanish Lyrics, a pop sensibility and influenced by many musical genres. His songs are memorable, filled with emotions and catchy melodies.
Though initially he wanted to play the drums, he began playing bass for a local church in Lawrence, Massachusetts in 1999 where he and a friend formed a band that brought him from playing bass at the local church to traveling across the United States to California and across the borders to Mexico. It was these travels that inspired him to begin writing what has since then become the lyrics to many of his songs.
These writings became an outlet through which he expelled his frustrations. He began writing about love, hope, broken dreams and social issues. These new songs began to fill his mind pouring onto his notebooks and computer. After attending many concerts, his passion for Rock grew stronger, so he set out to form a Spanish Rock band. He joined a group of friends to form the band that became known as “Dedos”. They achieved a small cult following, received local airplay and recognition of the song entitled “Besos” written and composed by Geordano and were awarded a Golden Circle in Lawrence, MA for this achievement.
Geordano’s desire to reach a broader audience has prompted him to embark in the pursuit of a solo career. He is currently putting the finishing touches on his first album “Todo Cambio” awaited by fans locally as well as the fans who’s hearts he’s won all over Latin America through the ever popular His passion for playing music and most importantly, writing music and lyrics have grown while the contents of his lyrics have matured. His desire to reach others through music and words is what drives him to create. To quote him: “It’s what I want and what better way to erase borders and reach the whole world than through music” He says, quite simply, “I fell in love with music and that's all I want to do. I want to be able to share my music with the rest of the world with hopes of changing lives with a profound message that music is good for the soul." Santiago Matias, President of Latino News, Latin Pride Magazine says: “There is no doubt of the tremendous talent Geordano has and the songs he composes are definitely a contribution to Latin music.”

Band Members & Instruments:
Geordano Henriquez, songwriting, vocals, bass, guitar, keys

Similar Artists:
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Influenced by:
Ricardo Arjona, Juan Luis Guerra, Audioslave, Pablo Milanes, Led Zeppelin, P.O.D. Swtchfoot, Matchbox 20

Origin: North America


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Geordano Henriquez

Todo CambioTodo Cambio (3:16)