Human Cycle began their cultural and musical performance in the year 2004.
Influenced by different styles of musical and cultural matrix, the
members of the group found in the heart of the band, a balance between
rock with a touch of soul (soul rock) and electronic rhythms.
Lyrics are key elements in the life of the group, since the different
social, cultural and philosophical realities in which we are living, are
revealed through their texts.
The songs of Human Cycle expose a variety of social and philosophical
issues that concern people and society in general.
After many concerts in several stages and the
commitment over the last 2 years, the outcome has arrived and the third
record of the band will be released under the name "Lead the Way".
Band members have jazz lessons with two of the best Jazz teachers in
Portugal: Carlos Mendes (guitar) and Kiko (vocals).
The first record sold out the first edition in two months and also the
second record sold 1.000 copies in the first week.

About the live shows experience, human cycle have performed already in many festivals and contests in Portugal, such as:
- II Festival Rock Alternativo no PORTO (Final);
- Invicta Unplugged (Final);
- I Festival de Música Moderna "Fundo Perdido04" (Final);
- 4º Festival de Música Alternativa do Porto (Final);
- II Rock in Rio Tinto;
- Festival "Gasómetro";
- 4º Festival de Música Moderna Portuguesa de Gondomar;
- 5º Festival de Música Moderna Portuguesa de Gondomar;
- Casa das Artes em Famalicão;
- B flat Jazz Club;
- I festival de música moderna de Ribeira de Pena;
- Fnac stores in Portugal presenting the promo-cd "broken hill";

Tv shows and airplay in several portuguese radios and in english, american, canadian college and brazilian radios;

human cycle are:

Mário J. Dias (Vocals)
Alberto Rebelo ( Guitars)
Miguel Dias (Guitars)
Álvaro Matos (Bass)
José Barbosa (Drums and percussion)

phone: 00351.96.4351613