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Since 2003 the German progressive-metal band HIDDEN TIMBRE entirely commited themselves to the melodic and rhythmic potential of progressive rock and metal music. The unstrained and powerful voice of Anja Braeutigam breeds congeniality as well as the power of expression, which is exactly what the band's songs cry for. Whether the songs require her to sing forcefully or gently, her voice never falters and adapts perfectly to the complex songs. HidDEN TimBRE`s unmistakable sound range, which is generated by the deep, energetic 7-strings guitar tones, the outstanding drive of the huge drum set and the charming bass lines, opens up much space for the female voice to turn their music into a distinctive sound. On their current EP "Leave" HIDDEN TIMBRE provide intriguing songs that lead to an unprecedented listening experience by the use of unfamiliar frisky, melodic song structures and sophisticated instrumentation. Various elements of progressive rock, artrock, metal, and pop music merge into creative and complex compositions. The 5 musicians just finished all recordings of their new album at the Farmlands Studios (RPWL) in Munich/Germany which is going to be released @ Red Farm Records (GER) in spring 2007.

Band Members & Instruments:
Andreas Kaiser - guitar
Anja Braeutigam - vocals
Clemens Prescher - guitar
Mirko Schmidt - bass
Danny Schmidt - drums

Influenced by:
Incubus / Dream Theater / Dave Matthews Band / Pain of Salvation / Metallica / System of a Down / Alanis Morisette / TOOL / Muse / Rage Against the Machine / The Beatles / Gwen Stefanie / Porcupine Tee / Peter Gabriel...and many many more

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany


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Hidden Timbre

Leave behindLeave behind (5:53)
Upon my lifeUpon my life (6:49)
At the CrossroadsAt the Crossroads (5:28)
Tell MeTell Me (4:56)

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