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I was born in Copenhagen in 1961. After having tried to play the flute for a couple of months at the age of ten I was given a cheap guitar for x-mas and immediatly realised that this was home. I started guitar lessons the following year with immediate succes. Later, in the age of 14 or 15 (don't remember exactly) I switched to bass instead, as I was always missing the big groove, and as guitarplayers emerged in my surroundings who could do it just as good, or even better than myself. It wouldn't be fair not to mention Jaco Pastorius' breakthrough as an important factor behind the decision. Through the times I've played in a lot of different groups, mostly as a sideman, but rediscovered the joy of the creative process through a workshop that I attended in 2003, led by Brett Perkins. The following summer I attended "Listening Room International Songwriters Retreat" on Samsoe, after which I had to consider myself seriously hooked on composition and co-writing. In 2004 a similar event took me to Gotland, Sweden, for a week; and in 2005 I revisited both annual events. These adventures - in connection with slight pressure from well meaning peers (thanks! - You know who you are) - somewhat transformed me from a dedicated sideman (who could be persuaded to sing a chorus line here and there) into a performing songwriter in my own right, only backed by my acoustic guitar. A great joy for me has been to experience other artists cover my songs. Among my inspirations it would be fair to mention John Hiatt, Joni Mitchell, Lowell George, Jackson Browne and Neil Young

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John Hiatt, Joni Mitchell, Lowell George, Jackson Browne, Neil Young, James Taylor........

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Klaus Caprani