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Here is a list of all BeSonic Canada artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.

Dusty Woods
Honky tonk musician Dusty Woods was born in Vancouver, BC. He performed across BC, Alberta, Ontario, and parts of the US for many years. A life-long supporter of honky-tonk music in all its forms, Dusty combined a...

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The Blake Vaughan Project

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Geoff Lapp Trio
Contemporary Jazz
The Geoff Lapp Trio'......has been a cornerstone of the Montreal jazz scene since 1999. Extended gigs at many of the town's premiere night spots have established the group as a hot draw for aficionados in search of...

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Freelance Rapists

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Fred Engler
Smooth Jazz

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Bending Infinity
Trip Hop
Thanks for visiting our site! We have been on for a little while and have managed to work our way up to being in the Top 25 most listened to bands out of 360,000 currently active in the community....

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Hard Rock

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Dance & Electronic
Shirtlifter’s aspirations have shifted since the original inception. The decision to go solo was a hard call to make. What had begun, alone with four garbage cans in a neighbourhood garage in Ottawa, had blossomed...

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Progressive Rock
Strongly influenced by progressive rock, the poligrafists draw from a wide range of genres going from world beat and jazz fusion, to symphonic music and free form improvisation.

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Paul Grenier
Synth Pop
"...his songs always touch me. There is such a unique sound to his style and his voice that it becomes instantly recognizable. His voice really carries the songs and pulls you into his experiences. It's like each...

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Alternative Rock

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We're two best friends from Montreal and we've been writing music together since our teenage years. Describing our style is kinda hard to us, don't really like labeling things... but if we must, we'll go with...

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The Surgents
Alternative Rock
The Surgents is the latest movement by Dr.Octavo and the Professor who met in 1992 after Doc's first official Kanatian album release "The Chains That Bind Us" by Remote Control. The Professor applied for a...

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Rhon and Bill
Rhon and Bill started writing and recording songs in April 2006.

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Heavy Metal
So much is happening, visit our official website at to be up to date with all the action!

The band is: Danielle Langlois (vocals), Brian Harps (guitar), Nathalie"Naty"Baril (bass),...

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