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Here is a list of all BeSonic Belgium artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.


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Alternative Rock
Born in Obigies (well known city in Belgium) in March 2005 on ashes of two "experimented" bands (dftp, spounxs) with appearances at Botanic, Verdur rock, ... with in particular Venus, Girls in Hawaii, Le Peuple de...

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Ceili Moss
Folk Rock
We like to define ourselves as “acoustic folk-rock with a Celtic-Pan-European edge, that’s not afraid of coloring a bit outside of the lines”. The webzine Widdershins once wrote about us "they are not as punk...

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Dance & Electronic
Ripples and waves. Sound bits and bytes. Tones sticking to temporal clicks. Clips from A First Flyby and HeliumFlyOne

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Soft Rock
It is into 1992 that Frasnus and Frasnulus had the idea to create, on the relics of an old box of drugs, the embryo of a new group: “Don't Forget”. In this state, it was clear that the future of this group could...

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the lill capo
hey people,
i'm new on this site so what about me,i started whit rap 1.5 years ago
i'm now 19 years old i didden't made scool off and i live in a house whit my brother his whife and his daughter in...

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Joosho Ensoo
I grew up with electronic music. Since I was able to go to school and have some friends, we used to listen and record clubbing music on radio at night.
Then I buy a PC, and use some tools similar to the atari...

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The 8th Step
Chill Out
hi, welcome on this demo page of The8thStep, you can find more of my songs on my soundclick page ( and follow the news on my website.
Feel free to download the songs you like, and feel...

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Bolero Entertainment
Brazilian Pop (MPB)
Hello music lovers,

My music career started at the age of 12, when my father bought an organ for himself. Almost immediately I fell in love with these black and white keys. So I took music...

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Born in 1978 and began music during the end ot the 80ies. I was young at this time, intersted by electronic music (especially newbeat as Confetti's). During the next year to 1995 my teenage was influented by my C64,...

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15 reasons
New Metal
Fifteen Reasons or 15 reasons is a belgian metal band created in 2002 in the continuity of famous bands like Stonesour, Faith No more, Incubus, Down, 40 Below Summer, Korn and all the nu metal wave, without losing the...

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World Fusion
Although solidly anchored in the rock idiom, Amistad has proven to be masters at mixing many styles and cultures together to obtain a unique blend of musical experience. The sensuality and passion of flamenco, the...

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Electronic Classical Music

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Oliver Willandsen
Folk Rock
After fronting various local rockbands in Hamburg ( Germany ) between 1970 and 1977 and Paris ( France ) in 1978, I moved to Great Britain and university life in the East Midlands. But music wasn't forgotten, as...

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Petra Jordan
Petra Jordan is a singer/songwriter of Slovak origin based in Brussels Belgium. Her style is characterized by jazzy overtones blended with melodic soul elements.

Born and raised in Slovakia, Petra...

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