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Here is a list of all BeSonic Italy artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.

Dance & Electronic

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Intelligent (IDM)
Kine and chino.K started many years ago with separated own projects and actually, after a long period of inspirational crisis of their minds, they decided to mix their ideas to do a fresh product for your brains. The...

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Alex Rosselli
Instrumental Rock
Alessandro “Alex” Rosselli is a versatile guitar player from Italy. Fans of instrumental rock will enjoy all of his current recordings. It so happens I have a proclivity for this kind of music so I seek it out....

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Corrado Rossi
I grew up as a Classical Piano player.
After the Piano Degree I dedicated my time to home recording and making my own music using new technologies. I like composing a lot of different music styles (from...

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Seatribe project wos born in 2002. Three guys who want to make music, casually start up to play together.

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Film Music
Nabum is an italian composer,who has always loved to compose new age songs. He has been influenced by electronic tune and from a costant research of sounds.
Try his music!

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Thomas Becker
Thomas was born in 1976, and loved music and computers already as a small child. When about 8 years old, he was programming his own computer games. For this reasons it was natural that at some point (when 15 years old...

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Dance & Electronic
Stefano Biagioli, in art 00-Nm, was born in 1982 in Macerata (Italy).
He began his electronic-music career in 1999, composing the Dub Tribal hit "The Blair Witch Project", recieving a great consent in...

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Filippo Vicarelli
Instrumental Rock
I'm an italian freelance music composer, working from my little own studio and delivering custom made music and sound effects for a wide range of

projects including TV, Multimedia, Games, Web sites,...

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Dynamic Wave
More at
You can get there a free mp3 album.

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Sleep criminals
this is the story about passion. The fury of 4 guys who wanna change their life. The story is just started..

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Alternative Rock

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ND Project
I play with synthesizers, keyboards and drum machines since the early '80s, now with a single laptop computer I do the whole thing at once. My style changed a lot since the very beginning, in the past it was more...

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Renato Ventura
Music, rhythm, harmony ... emotion. Is it possible to imagine a world without music? I don't think so. We are immersed in music. The world that surrounds us is a creator of music, a drop of water that falls is...

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