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Here is a list of all BeSonic Latin Rock artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.

Latin Rock
Puerto Rican five-piece rock act Vivanativa was formed in 1997 by ex-Zyron and Maskin Tape singer/guitarist Javier Gómez and former Ricky Martin's guitar player Nabeel Abdulrahman. That same year, the band released...

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Intelligent (IDM)

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Progressive Rock
DEREK was born in Mulhouse FRANCE September 10,1963 Vocal, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums and sound-engineer

03/16/2006 DEREK "On The Beach"

These instrumental compositions reflect the...

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Soft Rock
Feel good rhythmns and lyrics which make you think!
Whitehouse is the Rock-Pop band founded by lead singer Jose Amigo and lead guitarist Stephan Simon.
Whitehouse provides the listener with a new blend...

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Country Blues
I am a solo artist. I write my own Lyrics, Music, Arrangements, Harmonies & I perform all vocals myself. Back in the 60's I recorded a song, solo called "He's My Guy" for Canadian American, recording studio in...

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Geordano Henriquez
Spanish Rock
Geordano Henriquez ‘s love for music began at a young age, when he remembers listening to old LPs of romantic classics from his mother’s music collection in his native country the Dominican Republic. His sound is...

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Temple of the Nightdogs
Love Songs

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