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Here is a list of all BeSonic USA New Wave artists according to their popularity. For this purpose "popularity" is generated with indicators like streams, number of downloads, playlists etc..., this means the daily performance.

Industrial Dance
Noirhaus FAQ

I'm an award winning remixer of Madonna and New Order

I've remixed Depeche Mode, Garbage, Lenny Kravitz, Gary Numan and Frou Frou as well


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New Wave
No real story...I'm a middle-aged male in US; been a 'hacker-composer' for years...just havin' fun & trying to share that with others.

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Steve Iannetti
Alternative Rock
Steve Iannetti presents a vibrant blend of intelligent alternative rock with pop and americana influences, original vocals, very well crafted guitarwork and brilliantly arranged outstanding compositions.

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The Fifth Element
Chill Out
THE FIFTH ELEMENT is a project started by Pablo Cano, inspired on synthetic and futuristic sounds and rythms, that liberate the most fantastic dreams of human mind. All this without letting a computer replace musical...

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