My Tide (0)

The gothic-metal-band My Tide was founded in 1999 by Tobias and Stefan.
The Band started with a mix of modern sounds, like electronic drums and classical female gothic vocals.

The first demo CD called "Tired" was released in 1999 (Gothic-Rock).
Since 200 Frost does the Vocals and the second demo CD "Sounding Lead" was born (Gothic-Metal).

in 2001 Norff and Frost deceided to choose real drums for a better live performence.

2003 They finished the "Impressions from a dying world" slbum. It was distributed by Twilight Distribution.
In the fall of 2006 My Tide released the next album "Love, lies, anguish" (Gothic-Metal).
These days the band works on a new CD.
Since the fall of 2006 Darkow plays the drums.

MY TIDE stands for music with gothic, rock, metal and doom influences.

Band Members & Instruments:
Tobias - Vocals, Bass, Keys
Stefan - Vocals, Guitar, Keys
Jörn - Drums

Influenced by: Doom, Metal, Gothic Metal, Black Metal

Similar Artists: Sentenced, The Black League, 69 Eyes