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Welcome to!
BeSonic 04/30/2006

Welcome to!

Kick off of BeSonic Relaunch on April 30th, 2006.

Welcome to BeSonic Everybody!

We are happy to welcome you to the relaunch of BeSonic and hope you like the new platform. First of all we want to thank all testusers, who send in their info, songs and covers, in order to help us test the site over the last two weeks, prior to the relaunch! Thanks a lot!

We still welcome your feedback over the coming months and hope you will flood us with your song material and fill this site with life. Any bugs or problems you conceive while surfing on BeSonic? Please let us know asap, describing the problem as detailed as possible. Best way to do it is via our contact sheet or you can also mail our  Support (

Any feedback, good or bad, suggestions, ideas for additional features, just let us know what you think. We will consider every submission.

You might notice, that we still have not implemented all features and tools, which are nevertheless under work. We're starting with three User-Profiles, "Guest", "Registered Listener" as well as the free Artist profile "Registered Artist/Non-Member of collecting rights societies".

Our negotioations with the German Collecting Rights Society GEMA are moving forward. But until then the site will only be fully available to artists, who are non GEMA/PRS etc. members. We will hopefully have some good news regarding our special deal by mid May 2006.

Please read the artist contract carefully, before you register. You really need to be a non-member of a collecting rights society, in order to be able to upload music to BeSonic for the time being.

All members of collecting rights societies will be able to register as Artists with membership of a collecting rights societies once the deal between BeSonic and the GEMA ( as well as all international partner societies) is in place. And it's true it is really in the planning!

In other words BeSonic will be the first website to be able to host artists, who are members of collecting right societiey, fully and totally legal. Membership to BeSonic will be subject to an extra GEMA-specific fee as well as there will be limitations towards the numbers of allowed streams and downloads of a GEMA/PRS/ASCAP etc. artist. The fees should definitely be affordable and spur loads of artists, who are registered members of collecting rights societies to come and join anyway.

We hope you enjoy surfing arouns BeSonic! We'll definitely keep you updated on the following new features and the latest movements.

Best Wishes and enjoy yourselves!

Your BeSonic Team.

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