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Seita is a Brazilian four-piece band hailing out of Amsterdam that stands for straight up death/thrash and metal/hardcore.

Inspired by the contradictions, passions and violence of their homeland, and infused with new views provided by a life on the move, Seita delivers a sound best described as pure aggression in its most visceral form.

Early in 2007 drummer Dom Mura (ex-With Pride) and vocalist/guitarist Michel Gambini (Retturn) got together and, ignoring the latest fads in the music scene, started writing material. Within no time they had punched out songs that they felt had the potential to go beyond the walls of their rehearsal room – an energy later boosted by creative guitarist Edson Munhoz (Rooted).

In March 2008 bass-player André Sparta completed the line-up and the band finished the self-recorded Imprint Forever demo; mixed and mastered by Danny O’Really (Deicide,Biohazard,Napalm Death). The six in-your-face tracks are just the starting point for this band.

Committed to honesty, their feelings and attitude combined with each member’s influences and experiences will undoubtedly impel Seita to expand the boundaries of their own music.

Influenced by:
Sepultura, Slayer, Deicide, Behemoth, Despised icon .


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Speaking with ghosts Speaking with ghosts (3:50)
Imprint Forever Imprint Forever (3:46)