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Beneath the surface of tattered skin and osseous tissue lies a labyrinth of madness. Four personalities run wild through the neuron pathways there within. Their frolicking insanities bind together through their screams of agony, creating the music of Schitzophrenic Thought Patters.

Band Members & Instruments:
Benjamin Brownstone-Vocals, Mindscar-Guitars/Keyboards/Effects, Schitz-Bass, The Fourth Horseman-Drums ( all members a.k.a. Ben Brown )

Influenced by:
Megadeth, More Megadeth, Then just a tad bit more Megadeth, Old Metallica, Slayer, Testament, Motley Crue, Metal Church

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Schitzophrenic Thought Patterns

Universal ChaosUniversal Chaos (6:05)
Seams of LifeSeams of Life (4:14)
Fuckin SocietyFuckin Society (5:07)
SlanSlan (4:23)
The Fly KeeperThe Fly Keeper (3:48)