THE NERVES - three guys and frontgirl Kamauha create punk rock songs which are garage-y, fast, loud, and tricky. Less catchy than what most other folks would label punk, but still with very well crafted songs.
THE NERVES' punk rock is still extremely fresh and energetic, even though the band has existed since 1987. But throughout the years THE NERVES have undergone several transformations, with regards to their set up as well as their style.
Kamauha's vocals perfectly fit the plan of the experienced European-widely travelled group of four. THE NERVES celebrate good old punk rock, strong lyrics and melodies, fantastic guitar riffs. Who said, that punk rock is out of date?
THE NERVES played shows with Paradise Lost, Black Halos, PrimeSth, Pro Pain, Within Temptation, Balzac, Turbo AC's, The Avengers, Epoxies, U.K. Subs, Vic du Monte's Persona non Grata, Bambix, Fireball Ministry, Moving Targets, Chelsea, Honeymoon Killers, All, Vibrators, Man or Astroman?, DOA, The Bollock Brothers, ...

Band Members & Instruments:
Kamauha - vocals
Cpt. Proton - guitar
Adm. Jack - bass
Cmdr. Bossi - drums

Influenced by: Punkrock

Similar Artists: Punkrock


Artist review


The Nerves' Punkrock is still extremely fresh and energetic, eventough the band has existed since 1987.