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Growing up in the small town of Short Beach, outside of New Haven , Connecticutt
the biggest life changing event in Tom Pollard's life, was meeting his hero, Stevie Wonder.
At the time, Tom was just cruising with a friend who knew his way around, whereas Tom
was typically 'lost' in The City. So Tom's friend, Brad, points to the Copacabana Nightclub
which looked very burned out by day, and says Stevie Wonder is playing there tonight. Well,
Tom HAD to check THAT out and he found the door open! A faint refrain from "My Cherie Amour"
sent Tom dashing down the plush, red-carpeted spiral staircase to another door which opened
to find Stevie and the orchestra in rehersal. Stevie stopped and looked right at Tom. Tom
shook and held Stevie's hand and told how he walks around all day every day with Stevie's
album, "My Cherie Amour" trying to get anyone he can to listen to it (Tom was 18 at the time,
Stevie, 19) Stevie invited him to stay for the rest of rehersal. Afterwords, Tom went back to
the band , "Joy" in which he shared lead vocals with Michael Bolton, and with whom they
had recorded Tom's song, "Going Back To New Haven" for Columbia Records in NYC and
announced, " We stink" .
He set out to go practice for the next 10-20 years. In California, with Arturo Perez, the
drummer for Neil Diamond/ Redbone Tom recorded his song "New World" . Arturo commented
at the time that it was his favorite song to play, ever! Tom's been fine tuning
his music
in Hawaii since 1979. His self-produced, first CD, "Secret Hideaway" includes the song
"Gotta Have It" which spent a lot of time on Besonic's charts before The Crash. There's a few
cover songs you've probably heard before including, "I Can See Clearly Now" , "Jamming"
and "You Are The Sunshine of My Life" which are all really great, Aloha!

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Similar Artists:
Stevie Wonder, Carlos Santana, Jose Feliciano, Johnny Nash

Influenced by:
Stevie Wonder, John Coltrane,

Origin: North America - USA USA - Hawaii


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Tom Pollard

Beautiful day TonightBeautiful day Tonight (5:03)
Gotta Have ItGotta Have It (3:32)
Secret HideawaySecret Hideaway (3:35)
Beautiful Day Tonite (instrumental version)Beautiful Day Tonite (instrumental version) (5:02)

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