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The band TRAGEDY DIVINE was formed in the fall of 1996 by Torsten Simon and Markus Nega.

The first name we chose for this project was 'Pain of Existence' and we intended to create
something different apart from all the other commercial Dark Wave stuff with more quality and a timeless touch.

To achieve this great aim we used only classical elements and the sounds were those of natural instruments with no electronic touch at all.
Very soon we made great efforts and the first songs were considered as very innovative for a new band which found its own unique sound very quickly.

About half a year of hard work passed by and we decided to change our name into 'TRAGEDY DIVINE'.

About that time we looked for a female voice to give the songs a better sound and so Anne-Marie Jung joined the band.

But as work went on the usual lineup problems approached but we convinced Markus to stay at least to play our first gig at December-20-1997 at Hermann-Neuberger-Halle, Völklingen,
together with such great bands like EQUATRONIC and DARK ILLUMINATION.

After this we went ahead for our first recording 'The Rehearsals', a 10-song Demo-Tape, which has been published in March 1998 and was recorded at our own Divine Performances Homestudio.

After this release Markus definately left the band because of musical differences and we, Anne-Marie and me, decided to take a short break, but in May 1998 we decided to carry on.

Since that we published 3 highly acclaimed songs ('...and now I die...', 'Far Aside' and 'Forever Lost') on the 'Modern Entertainment Sampler'-series, a German underground compilation.

2002 saw the release of "A Million Miles Away" on a German magazine's compilation, the Astan magazine.

After Anne-Marie quit the band in 2003 I quickly found a new female voice in Jeannine Mueller. In this line-up we played a gig at the Goldene Krone at Darmstadt but unfortunately Jeannine decided to leave the band at the beginning of 2008.

After a longer break I decided to carry on and make Tragedy Divine a solo project so we all can hope for some new material in 2009.
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Band Members & Instruments:
Torsten Simon

Influenced by:
Sisters of Mercy, Deine Lakaien, L'Ame Immortelle, Das Ich, Nick Cave, Type-O-Negative, Blutengel

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany - Saarbrücken

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Tragedy Divine

LightLight (2:22)
AloneAlone (3:21)
A Million Miles AwayA Million Miles Away (3:12)
Forever LostForever Lost (2:56)
Far AsideFar Aside (3:46)

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