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The German band Transmission consists of five members in a traditional progressive lineup. Vocalist Juan Roos, guitarist Marco Vetter, bass player Christian Becker, drummer Bodo Schamp and keyboardist Stephan Kernbach form a quintet of highly talented and ambitious musicians. Every musician in the band has extensive experience in the music scene and they are interested in a wide variety of styles, which is reflected in their music. The current lineup exists since 2004. The core of Transmissions compositions is progressive metal, but the outer layers are an eclectic mix of ideas rooted in the influences and musical backgrounds of the individual band members. Once all their ideas came together it was time to give them physical form and record an album. Id, Ego and Superego will be released in 2006. After fifteen months in production, nine tracks and seventy minutes of music will envelop you in a soundscape that evokes a multitude of emotions. This powerful album is pure and detailed, heart felt and lasting. However, the focus is on the song itself and Transmission understands what is essential in any style of music: The melodic aspect. Even though there are many challenging instrumental passages that undoubtedly feature the skills of the musicians, the song and its melody is what the music is about. The sixteen minute title track Id, Ego and Superego is featuring Michael Sadler (Saga) on guest vocals. This collaboration came about because of Michaels work on the album Chain.exe by the progressive rock band Chain, of which Christian Becker and Stephan Kernbach are a part. Henning Pauly (Frameshift, Chain and Henning Pauly) who is well known for his work with artists like James LaBrie (Dream Theater), Jody Ashworth (TSO) and Sebastian Bach (Skid Row) will be responsible for the mixing and mastering duties of Transmissions album. After a lot of successful concerts and festivals with bands like Fates Warning, Enchant, Testament and Clawfinger, Transmission is looking forward to the release of their album and to present it live to a wider audience all over the globe.

Band Members & Instruments:
Bodo Schamp - Drums
Marco Vetter - Guitars,Backings
Stephan Kernbach-Keys
Christian Becker-Bass
Juan Roos

Similar Artists:
Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Queensryche

Origin: Europe - Germany Germany


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