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Some music is created solely from the talent of the artist. Some music is

created by cultural or emotional needs. But most music comes from the

artists experiences and interations with life. They make every effort to put

their heart and soul into every song they write, and every beat they design.
This is the basis of our humanity. To share ideas and immaginations with

each other.
This is what we have attempted to do. To share our experiences and put

our heart and soul into our music, then make it available to you.
Till Truth Arise is comprised of members that have worked together on

several different projects over the past 5 years. Through their failures and

successes they grew in talent and always maintained a deep dedication

to their music.
But there was always an issue that wasn't dealt with. Though they

remained true to their goals, they did not remain true to themselves.
The past few years were a rough journey through alcohol and drug

addiction. At the end they were forced to take a hard look at their lives and

reevaluate their priotities.They took a complete break from music for

several months and worked on getting their famliy and personal issues

At the end of this they emerged stronger and wiser. With a new sense of

purpose they began writing again. Their goal was to shine a harsh light on

their own faults and use their own experiences to reach out and offer hope

to others suffering the same way. The name Till Truth Arise states this

fact very simply. They will continue to reach out and speak honestly about

the problems that so many face until the truth of hope can be shown to

everyone who is seeking it.

Band Members & Instruments:
Joshua Vancena-Guitar
Jonathan Bouren-Vocals
Brian Weseman-Drums

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Origin: North America - USA USA - Kentucky

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Till Truth Arise

CauterizeCauterize (5:00)
Don't tell me how it ends.Don't tell me how it ends. (5:15)