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FADE OUT (rehearsal with Pimpinella) Play
FADE OUT (rehearsal with Pimpinella) (5:58)
Hard Rock
© Emma-O Productions
This a taped rehearsal recording going way back to 2004 or so. It consisted of myself on guitar and back-up vocals, drummer Ziggy Sweet and Joe on lead guitar and lead vocals (both from Buffalo, NY). It was originally a really long jam-song, and pretty much written on the spot. I wrote the riffs and the guys added their magic. It has grown to be one of my favourite songs, and I've been wanting to work on it for a long time. So I just spent the past two days cutting and pasting the song and adding two more guitar tracks, one rhythm and one extra lead. But I haven't mixed the actual sound yet, so it's still rough. I just got some new headphones and speakers, so I will be working on getting a better mix. But for now, enjoy this raw version!

Credits: Emma-O

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JUMP SHIP AND SWIM (written with Fidget) Play
JUMP SHIP AND SWIM (written with Fidget) (2:04)
© Fidget
Here's a tune I wrote the music for back in 2006-7, when I played in an all-girl band called Fidget. We were pop-punk, really commercial sounding. Supposedly Hollywood Records was interested in us, but sadly, like a lot of bands, bad management was our downfall. Our singer, Nicole, had the lyrics and vocal melody worked out and I wrote the music to it. Nicole then took the demo to L.A. and had Mike Krompass (Smashmouth, Jordan Knight, Natasha Bedingfield, et al) and Randy Cooke (Melissa Ethridge, Kelly Clarkson, Rik Emmett, et al) of The Playground Studio play and record the song. The best compliment I ever got about this song was when I played my last gig with Fidget and a woman came up to me and gave me huge props and said the song reminded her of L7. Yeah, all pounding downstrokes, baby!

Credits: Emma-O, Nicole LeGault, Mike Krompass, Randy Cooke

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