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Oh well, nerds at work. Energetic LoFi-Post-Grunge with much Garage/Indie-attitude dragging along with a nice and dirty Alternative Pop Charme. Reminds in parts of a crossing from Supergrass to vigorous “I should Coco” - times, early Lemonheads and the Foo Fighters. Tasty!

poor old sun
The way REEBOSOUND-head SVEN MISSULLIS refuses himself in his songs generally to almost any cliche, he presents his self-made actual video entitled "Poor old Sun". Dark, meagerly produced pictures, for which the term "understatement" would be even quite over-the-top. What we get to see here serves as a bare basic this fragile, melancholic accoustic ballad, which in itsmarvelous intensity and with this certain sudden, brittle indie-charm even could not have been performed better by Velvet Underground. Content rules the form clearly here and it makes this man even more symphatic, for it is obvious he does not feel a need to work with gimmicks and inadequate spotlight to push the substance of his songs.Well, let me tell you: he is right!

Small but mighty neo-Garage tune by the sympathetic German multi-instrumentalist Sven Missullis aka REEBOSOUND. Leisure, unpretentious, yet uplifting and exciting. Nice.