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Jasmin 02/20/2006

Artist review
Sheryl Clapton

Sheryl Clapton is a Performing Songwriter whose songs focus on the Positive in Life.

Sheryl Clapton is a singer/songwriter and poet, who exerts herself not only in her music and her positive lyrics for other people and for world peace. She is an active member of the peace movement in America and has taken part in the past with the help of her extrasensory abilities in the search for missing persons.

Sheryl's style is completely loyal to the singer/songwriter tradition, acoustically catchy however well-made Folk Rock music, which is led by her 12 strings guitar and is often accompanied by a 6-string electric Fender. Sheryl's hypnotizing, warm voice cuddles up to the gentle sounds and sceneries, which she describes in her lyrics, that embed the listener at moments of peace and carelessness without being superficial.

Sheryl Clapton is an exceptional artist, who uses her artistic talent for the good in itself. She has build a name during numerous live performances on civic events, festivals, churches event, radio and TV shows in and around Missouri.

Our song recommendation from the editorial team is: "New Life".

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