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Jasmin 03/14/2006

Artist review
Daniel Canueto

The Argentinian folklorist delivers traditional sounds for cosy, inspiring summer nights.

Daniel Cañueto joined BeSonic a few years ago and has already been presenting a big collection of songs on his BeSonic homepage.

Born in Bernal, a region of Buenos Aires Daniel started playing acoustic and electric guitar from the young age of seven. Apart from getting musical inspirations from Rock and Blues legends like Jimi Hendrix or Chick Corea and even Johann Sebastian Bach, he derived a particular inspiration from Argentinian Folk music, and still a young adult he went on to master many other instruments like the violin, viola, banjo and the mandolin.

Daniel started a professional career as a musician playing with various bands and as part of the band León Gieco he went on extensive tour throughout Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Perú and parts of Europe between 1985-87. The years on tour culminated in the release of his first solo album El Cuervo in '87 with three more to follow in succession.

The songs on Daniel Cañueto all bring along the spirit of a man, who’s deeply routed with his home country Argentinia and its people, but hasn’t lost sight of other music genres like Rock and Blues, which have also inspired and accompanied his creative path. He added Electric Rock guitar to most songs, without ever dominating the general feel of traditional folk songs and sociable hymns. He underlines his guitar chords with a colorful mix of violin, accordion, bass and more. Daniel’s vocals are simple and clear, giving off a welcoming vibrado of a soulful storyteller. While most songs are about EL AMOR, on some tracks Daniel receives support dueting with the strong, impressive vocals of a mysterious (unnamed) woman. Apart from her, Daniel is singing and playing with his regular band called La Crema De Siempre, which we guess this unnamed lady is also part of.

Most songs especially the folky ones on Daniel Cañueto’s BeSonic are laid back and enjoyable for any occasion, whether during office times, nightly get-togethers with friends or during a nice summer evening, with a glass of red wine at sunset. Enjoy!

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