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Anthony Marcus

ANTHONY MARCUS - AXEMAN EXTRAORDINARY !!!!Anthony Marcus is without doubt an extraordinary talent on guitar as you will find on these tracks featured here but there is much more than that waiting to be found in his music. Anthony has broadened his guitar talents into a studio environment by using the current technology to create something that is unique, original and creative.

The trademark "Blue Strat" is still very much the lead instrument but aided by modern effects processing Anthony has mastered an original style of his own. Notes seem to glide and swoop from his guitar like liquid gold with a beautiful warm ambience.

His style is sometimes reminiscent of Joe Satriani or Hendrix but there are many other influences at work here including a very strong jazz fusion interest.

Anthony also does all the backing instruments on these tracks including some very fine keyboard skills and a mastery of the software used to hold it all together.

Anthony’s first CD was "Distant Lands" and the title track should not be missed for it defined an innovative new sound. Starting smoothly you can gently float away and slowly the entwining patterns of keyboards and harmony guitars will take you to a higher plane.

Cold Fusion is another stand out track with some rather ethnic keyboards fusing with more of Anthony’s superb riffs and harmony guitars that will instantly transport you to another world.

"Cuz" is very much a Hendrix style tribute which says rather a lot about Anthony’s ability on the fretboard and how much he owes to his own major influences.

"Mindblower" is one of his many collaborations with other fine guitarists that demonstrates superbly that speed guitar can be combined with the expression and passion that used to be heard in classic rock before the days of pure shredding.

Anthony Marcus is a man with a huge talent who will go far and I look forward to his future work appearing on Besonic……..although I suspect that one day he may be destined for even bigger things !!!


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