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JH_BeSonic 07/18/2006

Artist review
18 Karat Reggae gold 2006

The Reggae and Dancehall prophet has joined forces with fellow artists and musicians around the TCOOO label to get his messages across and come up with this fab compilation album.

Jamaican born Henry St. Hilaire jr. aka Vineyard has long been voicing his profound messages through music. After he started out Djing in the bar and nightclub of his father he continued his career as an artist in the Bronx of New York, where he discovered his prohetic talents in an African church, before returning to Jamaica, the heartland of Reggae. He finally ended up in Florida, where he found his musical family, a number of artists, producers and musicians, who all work under the Reggae label TCOOO Productions (Take Care Of Our Own). The company was named TCOOO because of their “strong beliefs in the teachings of Marcus Garvey and the importance of self reliance. Rather than creating demos and shopping around for record deals, a group of artists decided to pool their resources together in order to achieve one ultimate goal”, thus to release music off their own backs.

Their first release Any Type War enjoyed loads of attention around local radio stations and major clubs.

Their second compilation, digital only release 18 Karat Reggae Gold 2006 has already received a lot of good feedback and downloads from Amazon, iTunes as well as other music sites and can be heard here at BeSonic.

The CD is a Reggae and Dancehall collection of dancable, melodic tracks, with stories and solutions on everyday struggles, such as infidelities, peer pressure, injustices and violence in society, politics and history.

Without the intention of dragging you down, there are songs like the “Rebel Priest”, where Vineyard sings about the consequences of infidelity and irresponsibilty in a relationship or on “You don’t have to be like them”, where he warns youths of the dangers of succumbing to peer pressure and violence. He refers to the deeper causes of frustration and violence in today’s Jamaican society as to be rooted in imperialism and pleads for love and truth as the true ways out of the depression.

Vineyard is a matured multi-facetted artist, whose musical work culminates in a new solo release “Do you want to live”, through TCOOO Productions, which can be obtained through Watch out for Vineyard and his crew, who are currently doing a summer tour!

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